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Protective Styling Challenge 2015

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is going well and the new yr is going as smooth as it should be. Well I’m currently in a protective style Marley Braids and I love it because my hair was just driving me crazy and I was at the point wear I was getting tired of it and I just love it and I will keep it in for a little over two months and I will be uploading my regimen used to take care of my hair while it is in braids I will try and wash my while in braids I’m not really a fan of doing it but I will try it. After I take down my protective style I will give it a break for about a week or two and then back in braids and I will be doing that until about October when it’s time for my birthday again and will see how my progress is going but so far so good I am about 4 or 5 weeks post relaxer now and the thicker and longer my hair got it got harder to deal with and I was just needing a break from my hair so here’s what I went thru to prep my hair for my Marley braids;

  1. Clarified my hair with Suave Clarifying Shampoo because I wanted my hair to be squeak clean there has been a lot of product build up and I can’t tell when last I clarified my hair so I did it and got a squeaky clean feeling but it wasn’t too stripping. This is the first time I’ve used a clarifying shampoo I always use warm water and baking soda and that does the trick.
  2. Next I conditioned my hair for a little bit and then I put in Coconut Milk in my hair as my deep conditioner it was a little runny though so that’s a precaution but it was totally worth it I wanted to do a protein treatment but I’ve been wanting to try coconut milk for a while and I did it and I loved it my hair came out soft and shiny and I know I will be using it more often and my hair will get better as I work it into my regular hair regimen.
  3. I left the coconut milk deep conditioner on my hair for about 2 hrs and then I rinsed it out and added my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and sealed with my oil mix and blow dried my hair because I wanted my hair and my roots to be straight for when I installed my braids I have a lot of new growth a lot. My hair is a little tight and my tender not so bad as to make me pull it out.

These are the things I will be doing to my hair while it is in the protective style;

  1. I will be oiling my scalp with my castor oil 3x a week
  2. I will be moisturising my hair with either a mixture of water and some oil or my Creme of Nature Leave In 3x a week also and I will be tieing up my hair at night and I will be trying to keep my hair as free and moisturized as possible and if I get too much product build up I will be trying out other methods of cleansing methods for my scalp.

Hope everyone has a good day and will continue having good hair days pics will be coming soon I’m waiting on my friend who did my hair to send me the pictures.

P.S. I used four marley braids in my hair and I think this was a good thing tht my protective stlying came up I need to refresh my hair products so I will continue buying them and stacking them up.


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