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Bye Bye 2014….. Hello 2015

Helo HHJ loves so this post is a round up of my favourite things I’ve done during 2014 that my hair has loved loved loved and will continue to love and some stuff that I will be trying in 2015 I really hope this helps someone out there on their HHJ I have been on my hair journey for a little over a year and my progress has been tremendous and I am just looking forward to what the new year will bring so here goes;

  1. Pre Pooing with coconut oil vs using a conditioner- during the yr when I just started my I pre pooed all the time with a quickie conditioner but then I discovered pre pooing with coconut oil and it has become a staple in my regimen ever since and I love all the progress my hair has made since starting it a few months back.
  2. Deep conditioning overnight- I know some people say deep conditioning for more than 3 hrs makes no sense but if my hair is feeling really really down in the dumps and dry like the Sahara Desert I deep condition over night and I just add it in between my washes I still wash my hair every two weeks and in between my washes my hair has really made progress with deep conditioning in between and over night
  3. Castor Oil- after doing the Kinky Curly Coily Me castor oil challenge for three months I have made it a habit and I have incorporated it into my hair care regimen and even though I havent been really a part of the challenge in a minute I have kept on doing it three times a week and massaging my scalp and I have not turned back since.
  4. Grapeseed Oil- Good ole grapeseed oil I love love love it I have found it from doing research online and I bought it and I have never turned back since I haven’t used it alone and I have mixed it with other oils and the benefit is still there for me for the new year I will be using it strictly alone and I will put aside my other oils to see the benefits.
  5. Elasta QP deep conditioner I loooovvee this deep conditioner and I have found it randomly by looking for a new deep conditioner and I am happy I found it and it will definitely be my staple deep conditioner in my regimen I will try new deep conditioners however I will always have it in my regimen and I will always fall back on it whenever I need my hair to feel like butter.
  6. Co washing- Co washing is really good when I just started my HHJ I never really appreciated co washing I tried it a few times and it has helped when I am doing my relaxer stretches in which I think I have become a pro at right now
  7. And last but certainly not least relaxer stretching the months i have stretched is 3 months and like 2 weeks I wanna take it further in the new yr but it has really helped me see progress becuz my hair shrinks when I’m stretching and then when I relax I see the growth and see where my hard work goes and I love it

Now here are a few things I will be trying for the new year I have a number of things I want to try but these are the things at the top of my list right now;

  1. I wanna try incorporating coconut milk as my deep conditioner so I will definitely try it  and see whats going on for that I will only do it once a month so I will not get protein overload I don’t think I can manage to go thru that again.
  2. I wanna try sulfate free shampoos I have never tried a sulfate free shampoo but I will definately get one and see if there is a major difference in both shampoos and how my hair will react to it.
  3. I wanna try taking my biotin on a regular basis now lol I take it probably once a week but my work life has gotten more hectic so I really wanna try and take care of my hair extra in case I get too busy my hair won’t suffer too much.
  4. Protective styling I really wanna vamp up being in protective styles for majority of the year and I will try and stretch my relaxer as much as possible to really go from armpit length further down and see how far I can get to my 2 yr mark.

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