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Wash Day!

Hey HHJ loves I know I have been missing for awhile but I have been really busy but things have been going really good I am taking my Biotin not regularly but I have been taking it every other day because it kind a broke me out a little bit but I have been upping my water intake and I have been trying to give it my all but I’d rather clear skin than faster hair growth my hair will grow with my practices but there will be a review on my Biotin when I’m done with it. Well here’s my wash day steps.

  1. First I prepooed my hair with coconut oil I mean I slathered everything on oil was just running down me everywhere I wrapped up my hair with a plastic bag and a saran wrap and I went to my bed.
  2. When I got up I washed out my hair once with my vo5 shampoo and put my vo5 conditioner in my hair for five mins and then i did my black tea rinse in which i prepared the night before I started back doing it because i have realized my hair has started shedding a little more than I like so I did it i used about two tea bags poured it on my hair and then I applied my DC which is my Elasta QP 11+ I absolutely love love it and I covered up my hair with saran wrap, foil paper, plastic bag and my shower cap. Yes child!!!! had to be done because Jamaica is a little cooler than normal because the Christmas time is coming along which I love and it was well wrapped up you could feel the steam coming off my hair when I pulled it out to wash it.
  3. After i rinsed my hair out i applied my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In sealed with my coconut, grapeseed, castor, olive oil mix and blow dried my hair. I know I have been on the air drying train for awhile but when my hair is air dried I cant manage it being about 7 weeks post and I know that may not seem like much but that regular applying of my castor oil has made my hair super thick and it is hell to de tangle but a part of the goal is to have thicker hair but be careful what you ask for and here I am.
  4. After I finished blow dried my hair I moisturized and sealed my hair with my Herbal Essences moisturizer mix w/o glycerin which dried out my hair so I had to make another mix and oil my scalp with my castor oil and my hair is in two mini buns now.

I am happy with my wash day I haven’t done a length check I will when I get my next relaxer which will be next year around February or March and I will be doing protective styles till then i will do a sew in for the holidays and then I will do box braids when I pull out my sew in and I will do a length check and immediately post the results I’m loving my journey thus far and I am hoping you are also.


There are my products for my usual wash day or hair care day. The black spray bottle holds my Herbal Essences moisture mix that I use to moisturise my hair everyday, my Cantu Shea Butter Leave in, my wide tooth comb, my blow dryer. the first applicator bottle contains my oil mix that I use to seal my hair right after I moisturise and the second bottle is my castor oil.

I am going to start sealing only with a majority of grapeseed oil now just trying to mix it up my current mix is mostly coconut oil.


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