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TLH: Tender Loving Hair Care!

Good Night HHJ loves I hope the hair journey is going well remember PATIENCE IS KEY!! This patience thing is getting to me well the Lord works in mysterious ways. Anyways this post is about my wash day experience that I did today which included a hot oil treatment which felt really good. I know some of you might be saying whhhaaatt she never did a hot oil treatment before!!! Well I have done them but I have never actually warmed the oil  I just put the oil on my hair and then made my body warm up the oil. My hair and my scalp loves me for it and I will be adding it to my routine but I will be doing it once a month or every other month on my special days when I add something new or try something new to let my hair know I still love her hurry and grow LOL!

  1. So the first thing I did was boil some water in a saucepan for a few minutes and then placed my applicator bottle which consists of my oil combo that I use to oil my scalp at times and mostly seal my ends which has been really helping me out lately and I will definitely try a different combo when this one is finished. My oil combo is coconut oil, olive oil, castor oil and grape seed oil. I really love grape seed oil as it makes your hair feel really really smooth and nice but I’ll do a review on it in a subsequent post and I think my next oil combo will be majority grape seed oil or I will use it only as my sealant but mane is grapeseed oil expensive in Jamaica. Anyways sorry for the rambling warmed up the oil combo a little bit and then tested it on my wrist to make sure it wasn’t too hot the temperature was just fine.
  2. After warming the oil I applied it to my hair and scalp generously made sure every inch and scalp felt warmed and then I massaged my hair scalp for a little bit and it felt good! I then wrapped my hair up placed saran wrap over it and my shower cap and headed off to my bed.
  3. After waking up I still waited a little bit and then I rinsed out the oil and shampooed my hair with my vo5 Anti Breakage Shampoo once and applied my vo5 conditioner and let it sit a few minutes and rinsed it out. Applying your rinse out conditioner is a very important step to your wash day routine ladies most times we forget to add the quick conditioner to the routine because we’re like oh I’m going to DC for a few hours why add it? Well in my experience I find adding it really helps with the detangling process of your hair especially if your DC doesn’t offer much slip.
  4. I then added my DC which I loooovvveee oh my god I will do a review on it pretty soon but it is the Elasta QP DPR 11+ with olive oil and just a little tip it works extra good when you add olive oil right before you add the DC and your hair will feel more like butter. Anyways I added the DC wrapped up my hair in saran wrap, plastic bag and my shower cap for a few hours and sat and watched tv with my little sister.
  5. After a few hours DC I detangled my hair with my wide tooth comb and rinsed out my hair and I proceeded to air dry. I haven’t air dried my hair in awhile but I just missed how my hair felt the little curls that formed at my roots plus my mommy wasn’t home to set my hair so I could go under my hooded dryer.

My hair took a few hours to dry then I proceeded to oil my scalp with castor oil and moisturized and sealed my hair with my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Creme and my oil combo. My hair is doing fine making progress I am loving every minute with my hair and I hope you are too.


That’s where my hair currently is its about an inch or less away from my armpit I can’t wait for it to get there 🙂


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101 Responses to “TLH: Tender Loving Hair Care!”

  1. Jackie Penn
    4:48 PM on October 18th, 2014      Reply

    I need to start doing hot oil treatments again. I’m glad you’re seeing progress with your hair growth. Also, I love your background on your blog. Thanks for sharing your wash day :)!

    • mrztoyas
      6:00 PM on October 19th, 2014      Reply

      Thanks so much and yes hot oil treatment gives your hair life!!!!! And thanks very much for reading my blog I love the background too even though I’m not a fan of purple 🙂 Happy hair journey!

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