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How starting my hair journey made me start taking better care of my body!

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is going well this blog post is as the title says how when I started my hair journey made me start taking better care of my body. When you start your hair journey you do a lot of reading and researching and very rarely do you find that you can just take care of your hair and not take care of the rest of your body, because what you put in your body is what will come out in your hair and skin. Now! lol I haven’t turned a vegan nor anything the only thing I probably haven’t done is start to eat better I’m working on that. Now I have started drinking my recommended amount of water even more than the normal, I never used to understand how they expected us to 6-8 glasses of water everyday mane did I hate that and I would go days on end without drinking more than a glass of water a day. But now after reading an article that drinking enough water after your body finishes with all the water you consume the extra that’s left over will go to your hair and skin after using up what it needed for the vital organs and the rest of the body. Now drinking water with the benefit of it making my hair healthier is nothing to me now. Another thing I’ve noticed that after starting my hair journey is that I started taking better care of my skin mainly my face. I’ve had acne for as long as I could remember but I just couldn’t keep it under control no matter what I did. Being on my hair journey I thought I cant have long, gorgeous healthy hair and have a jacked up face. So along with doing research for my hair along came research for my face and I found out about African Black Soap which is doing wonders for my face wonders!!! And then being on a hair blog made me find out that coconut oil is really good for the face then I gave it a whirl as I had a good amount left over that I haven’t even touched because I bought it for my hair and now my face is under control even when its near that time of the month those pesky pimples stay away. So all this hair journey stuff does lead you to different aspects of your life and body you research things that lead you to something else and you’re not just on a hair journey you’re on a body journey making sure your body is healthy so that your hair can be healthy from the inside out and you try to make sure your face is also on track. And you also realise that you’re drinking so much water that your body is doing really well and your keeping healthy. The next thing which I’m taking in strides is that I need to start taking some multivitamins I think I found the one I want with everything instead of taking two to three pills a day. But that’s about it I hope your hair journey is taking you places just the way my own has and I do have to say that my hair, skin and body looks and feels better 🙂


ignore my tongue lol was playing around with my web cam that was my hair a few months ago i think in summer before September.



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