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Wash Day: Flexi Nods

Hey loves hope everything is going well, sorry for being MIA my laptop has been in the shop for over a week and now it’s back to normal and I’m happy and grateful now I can continue my research and everything. Also I have started an internship so that is occupying my time now well most of it. I finally understand now how a lot of persons on their hair journey can keep their hair one way for the entire week because when you’re dealing with that new growth girl and it’s being a drama queen and you have X amount of time to get ready you just finger de-tangle and go thru the door. Now about my title I tried flexi rods my last wash day and I watched a lot of videos even went out and got me a holding pudding called Dark and Lovely Au Naturale 10in1 gelee styler I read bad reviews about it btw. However here are the things I did to my hair my last wash day I think I’m going to do one more wash tomorrow going to the hairdresser and get my ends trimmed.

  1. Pre Pooed with my coconut oil. Divided my hair in four sections and applied my oil twisted my hair up and then I put on a plastic bag and my shower cap and went to bed.
  2. I washed my hair twice with my vo5 shampoo and condtioner.
  3. I deep conditioned my hair first I applied my mixture of oils which includes coconut,grapeseed,olive oil and castor oil and then I applied my Elasta QP deep conditioner and wrapped up my hair with saran wrap, a plastic bag and a plastic shower cap and I sat and watched tv for two hours.
  4. I washed out my hair and started doig my flexi rods, i applied my leave in, my oil and then the gelee i applied too too much and I sat under the dryer a lil bit and then let the rest of it air dry.

Now what I learnt my last wash day I realize that I can’t deep condition with my mixture of oils it just doesn’t work well with my deep conditioner so I need to just have a bottle of olive oil and use it when I’m gonna deep condition my hair cuz that makes my hair work best. Another thing I learned is that when you’re doing flexi rods you have to use a little of holding product a little goes a long way and you have to stay under the dryer until the hair is fully dried to get the effect you want plus I need more rods to get the type of curls I’m looking for the 28 I have aren’t enough for my hair. So I really hope that this helps someone I’m gonna try doing my flexi rods again after I relax my hair I’m trying to leave my new growth alone as much as possible got two more weeks to go and I will be 3 months post yay I’m slowly but surely trying to stretch at least 6 months one day soon but after I relax my hair for my birthday I won’t do it again for the rest of the year. So that’s all lovies I hope your wash days went good and you didn’t miss me too much another wash day post will be coming tomorrow and pictures. Have a good night!


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