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Flexi Rods!!!

Hey lovies I hope all is well this is just a short post of something I bought yesterday I bought flexi rods!!! Yesterday while on my lunch break from work I got them really cheap $180 JM for a pack I bought 3 of the orange packs I’m gonna use them for the first time my next wash day I’m gonna see if I can get myself either some Eco styler gel or curly pudding so I can have really defined curls. I have wanted flexi rods for the longest while even before I started my hair journey and watching hair tutorials on Youtube. So next wash day the look will be flexi rods I will surely be taking pics of the process for everyone to see and not punk out if they don’t turn out good like my bantu knots did. I’m currently searching for a good curly pudding. So see you next wash day guys!! I’m so excited!!


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