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Wash Day!

Hey HHJ loves today is wash day as you know I wash my hair every two weeks plus I had a little hair haul yesterday bought some new hair products and I found out that products in Jamaica especially natural hair oils are expensive so I am currently looking for new ways to purchase oils I might probably try buying them online and then get them shipped here or just bite the bullet and use them. I have currently bought Motions Oil Moisturizer, Grapeseed Oil and Elasta QP DPR -11+ deep penetrating remoisturizing conditioner. So wash day now. I will be doing a review on these products soon.

  • First I pre pooed overnight with my oil mix which consists of  coconut oil and castor oil and maybe a lil EVOO im not sure. Divided my hair in four sections lathered it up with the oil covered with a plastic bag and put on my shower cap and went to sleep.
  • I woke up and rinsed out my pre poo and washed my hair twice with my vo5 shampoo and then put in my conditioner rinsed it out and then moving on to deep conditioning time.
  • After I rinsed out my conditioner I added EVOO to my hair I love doing this before any deep conditioner makes the hair really soft and locks in the moisture then I applied the Elasta QP deep conditioner and I’m telling you this thing is really thick so it will last very long and I love when my deep conditioners are very thick and then I put on my saran wrap, a plastic cap and my shower cap and sat for 2 hours catching up on the Legend of Korra and mane did I miss  a lot she doesn’t seem to be as powerful as Aang was tho.
  • Anyways I rinsed out the deep conditioner and then I blow dried I’m going on the road later I think maybe maybe not.
  • So now I’m gonna moisturize and seal my hair and then wrap it up.

Hope everyone enjoyed their wash day as I did reviews are coming soon be good lovies.



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81 Responses to “Wash Day!”

  1. Abbii @ Hair Length Reality
    4:56 PM on August 25th, 2014      Reply

    Yes natural oils down here are totally expensive girlll, especially wheen your me still in school and not working lol. Great wash day post too 🙂

    • mrztoyas
      6:56 PM on August 26th, 2014      Reply

      girl!!!!!! I almost fainted!! when i saw the price I got a lil bottle of grapeseed oil for 600 dollars I’m looking into some ways to get some cheaper oils so when I find out I’ll tell you and thanky!!!

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