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Cowash and Update

Hey lovies I co washed my hair today with Vo5 Coconut thingy and I deep conditioned with EVOO for about 2 hrs and then I rinsed it out and roller set my hair and sat under the dryer. I wrapped my hair up and I’m still trying to get my hair back to normal with my moisture protein balance. The good thing is its slowly but surely going back to normal but I still hate combing thru my hair and seeing so much of my strands but I’m still on that moisture mission. Now the next thing I’m gonna do is clarify my hair not this week coming the other week, gonna keep the manipulation down to a minimum and I have put up my coconut oil all together and I’m just using my jojoba and my EVOO and I’m going to get myself a good deep conditioner this weekend and I’m gonna clarify my hair. Now I’m hanging in there you know I’m thinking bot doing a protective style to just kinda keep my hair all up and away and all I would do is just get some vegetable glycerin and make myself a mist and just hope for the best. Still trying to figure out how I’m gonna start incorporating protein back into my hair cuz I’m so afraid now to put protein in my hair as my hair really needs it so that’s about it. I’m staying motivated every setback is a major comeback so let’s hope I stop this very soon and my hair will be back to normal. Hope this helped comment if you have any questions.


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