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Protein Overload…….Tears

Hey HHj loves this is my second post of the day and it’s not as fired up as my one earlier this morning this one is about breakage. I am experiencing severe well not so severe breakage I mean I have never had so much breakage since I started my hair journey and have become well versed into how to take care of my hair. So now I am sharing my experience with you guys and some links will be down below of the blogs and sites and Youtube channels I visited to help me figure out what’s wrong and what to do to fix it. I have realized that I have protein overload now this got me thinking about revamping my hair regimen, looking at my products, and everything. Now I have figured out the problem. Recently I got a relaxer and before that I was using Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Cream (medium protein) to moisturize and deep condition my hair as I haven’t gotten a chance to go to my local beauty supply store to get a new one but I’m going soon as I can its an emergency. Secondly I was was moisturizing and pre pooing with Coconut Oil (protein) and it just had a little bit of castor oil mixed in it. So if ya’ll haven’t figured it out as yet I have protein overload and YES GIRL!!!!!!! it’s the hardest thing to cure I have only heard of it a few times on some Youtube videos that this is the hardest thing to cure and mane am I experiencing it. What I am doing now to get my moisture protein balance back on track I have stopped moisturizing with my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Cream and will go back to using my Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter and sealing with my coconut oil. By the time I have my next wash day which will be next Sunday I will have new products and new oils so I can prolly deep condition with a new moisturizing DC one wash day and the next with my Cantu. Now I will not be throwing out my Cantu Shea Butter I love love love love this stuff and I will repurchase I just normally used it as a regular leave in and that’s that but my stash got so empty while I was studying for my last big exam and I forgot but never again. I have been moisturizing and sealing and doing GHE every other night till my hair gets back to normal. Hope this helped somebody and comment if there’s any questions. Also there will be an update on my hair after it recovers hopefully soon I can’t cry anymore. Have a good night loves.

Here are some links to some blogs and channels that might help you if you have breakage








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