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Love Your Hair Regardless

Good Morning HHJ loves this post comes to you from some things I’ve been reading online in the past few days about natural girls who decided that they wanted to relax THEIR HAIR and some of them being bashed and attacked and even losing some of their subscribers on YouTube just because they relaxed their hair. I read one article on blackhairinformation.com and just read another one a minute a go on black girl with long hair site. Here’s the linkhttp://blackgirllonghair.com/2014/08/cant-win-natural-hair-vloggers-face-backlash-for-both-big-chopping-and-relaxing/. Now this is my opinion I think and recently learnt that hair can be beautiful and healthy no matter what, long, short, RELAXED OR NATURAL. Now being a relaxed girl and loving my relaxed hair sometimes I really hate seeing when persons go natural they say ” OHHHH YES CHILE GET RID OF THE CREAMY CRACK” Now I have never in my life hated on someone who decided to go natural and I don’t think someone who has decided to relax their hair should lose their subscribers nor be questioned on why they did it. When my favourite relaxed hair girls go natural you don’t hear me saying oh god why, it’s their choice. Jen from http://www.justgrowalready.com/ decided to go natural and I am ok with her decision it’s her hair and I have no say in what she does and I will still be stalking her page like I do everyday and night and I will still be using some of her tips to help grow and love my relaxed hair. This post is just about a relaxed girl who got tired of reading about naturalistias being bashed when they decide to join the relaxed hair community. It’s all a mind set if you think your relaxed hair can’t be beautiful then it won’t and vice versa. I’m loving me my relaxed hair just like a million other relaxedistas and IDK id I’ll ever go natural but that won’t stop me from adopting  a lot of techniques and ideas from the natural hair care community and furthermore I don’t think we should be divided I think it should just be a general hair community and not a natural hair community located one place and then a relaxed hair community located somewhere else. We are not noticing the trend that we are setting dividing our younger generation to be divided by our hair and bash our fellow sistas for relaxing their hair. And my last point is this many persons equate relaxed hair is something to show that you don’t love yourself or some other negative stuff people say in order to make themselves feel better. I LOVE MY RELAXED HAIR AND I’M STICKING WITH IT AND I LOVE IT TOO MUCH!!! Just my opinion.


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