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Inspirations Coming Soon…….

Hey HHJ Loves this is just gonna be a little teaser on what’s coming new to the blog. Now of course as ya’ll can see I have changed my theme I never really liked the first one that I had and it never really supported a menu setting and I really want my blog to be up to par with the other blogs and websites I’ve been stalking since before I started my hair journey so now you guys have a menu setting to just take you directly to where ya’ll wanna go. Now one of the categories that has been there since I started my blog is a category called inspirations.

Now what this category really will be doing is showcasing different persons hair gurus or not and their channels that I watch and really telling you guys why I really like them I have a number of reason for liking the persons I have chosen both naturals and relaxed heads and sometimes I just love their personalities. So that’s coming up I will try my very hardest to do one a week and I will share a link to their blog/ you tube page. The first set of inspirations will be the persons that really made me decide that I’m gonna go on theri hair journey and if they can do it why can’t I. So I’ll work on the first one tonight and try to get it out to ya’ll soon hope you like it I’m trying make this blog as interesting as possible TTYL. Don’t forget to moisturize and seal and put that satin bonet on!


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