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Flexi Rods!!!


August 30th, 2014 Posted 10:01 AM

Hey lovies I hope all is well this is just a short post of something I bought yesterday I bought flexi rods!!! Yesterday while on my lunch break from work I got them really cheap $180 JM for a pack I bought 3 of the orange packs I’m gonna use them for the first time […]

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Wash Day!


August 24th, 2014 Posted 2:23 PM

Hey HHJ loves today is wash day as you know I wash my hair every two weeks plus I had a little hair haul yesterday bought some new hair products and I found out that products in Jamaica especially natural hair oils are expensive so I am currently looking for new ways to purchase oils […]

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The Storm is Over!!! Finally!!!!


August 13th, 2014 Posted 10:49 PM

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is well, hope everyone is doing good there has been a lot of bad news lately mane I’m praying for the world I have no idea what’s going on but let’s just pray for everyone who needs it and RIP to Michael Brown and Robin Williams and everyone else […]

Cowash and Update


August 10th, 2014 Posted 9:17 PM

Hey lovies I co washed my hair today with Vo5 Coconut thingy and I deep conditioned with EVOO for about 2 hrs and then I rinsed it out and roller set my hair and sat under the dryer. I wrapped my hair up and I’m still trying to get my hair back to normal with […]

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Protein Overload…….Tears


August 7th, 2014 Posted 10:45 PM

Hey HHj loves this is my second post of the day and it’s not as fired up as my one earlier this morning this one is about breakage. I am experiencing severe well not so severe breakage I mean I have never had so much breakage since I started my hair journey and have become […]

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Love Your Hair Regardless


August 7th, 2014 Posted 9:19 AM

Good Morning HHJ loves this post comes to you from some things I’ve been reading online in the past few days about natural girls who decided that they wanted to relax THEIR HAIR and some of them being bashed and attacked and even losing some of their subscribers on YouTube just because they relaxed their […]

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Inspirations Coming Soon…….

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August 5th, 2014 Posted 9:07 PM

Hey HHJ Loves this is just gonna be a little teaser on what’s coming new to the blog. Now of course as ya’ll can see I have changed my theme I never really liked the first one that I had and it never really supported a menu setting and I really want my blog to […]

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Kinky Curly Castor Oil Challenge and Biotin Challenge


August 3rd, 2014 Posted 7:00 PM

Hey HHJ loves thanks for tuning in again this post is about two new challenges I will be partaking in for three months and I will be tracking my progress every week. My first challenge will be the castor oil challenge which Ms Kinky Curly Coily will be doing for three months I’ll post the […]

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