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Big Sister Duties Part One

So this new set of blog posts under this this tag will be me taking care of my little sister Melissa’s hair she has 4a/b natural hair really fine i love her hair so much so this will be what I do to her hair and I will be tracking her progress as I do mine I’m trying to teach her that she can love her natural hair and it can grow as long as everyone else’s she sees on YouTube and online. So today was wash day se went to the beach yesterday so she had to get her hair washed.

  • So first I pre pooed her hair with some extra virgin coconut oil for a few hours I usually do it over night but she was so tired last night when she got home she’s 12 btw ten yrs my younger and let her watch tv and alla tht.
  • I rinsed out the coconut oil and I washed her hair with shampoo twice. And then it was time to DC.
  • For the DC i put coconut oil on her hair again and then I put on Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Repair Cream and wraped her hair up in a shower cap and let her roam about again.
  • After a few hours I rinsed out her hair and then I dired it I applied coconut oil again IKR her hair just loves loves loves the stuff  more than mine no matter how much I put in her hair her hair just drinks up the stuff and thrives off it. I blow dried her hair and then she was good to go. She’s off to bed now sleeping with her head wrapped up

In subsequent posts to follow I will be showing pictures she loves taking pics more than me so you will see more of her hair. She’s going to high school in a few months and I’m just really trying to get her to love all of herself including her hair so she will not have low self esteem like many girls and do some really cool protective styles for her and we can go on our hair journeys together, her natural me relaxed and hopefully she will encourage me to make a Youtube Channel. Untill next time HHJ loves remember to smile back at a child when they smile at you it makes them see that there’s hope in the world.


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