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Relaxer Update

Hell HHJ loves I hope all is going well and everyone is keeping safe and praying for all the madness that has been going on in the world lately. Well I just finished relaxing my hair after 11 weeks of my last relaxer I wanted to go longer but bla I just missed my hair too much. So everything looks ok I haven’t done a length check I just feel like my hair is in the same place it has always been so I’m a little sad right now but I gotta keep working on it hopefully it gets better. I will probably do one more relaxer for this yr and that’s for my birthday and them I’m done I really wanna do a big stretch like a 6 month stretch but baby steps baby steps. That’s all for now I will give more details in a later post. I followed all the instructions from the last relaxer update I did, one thing I noticed though was a bit of shedding not too much so nest time I wash I’ll do a black tea rinse or green tea not a fan of black tea any more because it changed the colour of my hair. Anyway tootles.


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