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Co wash and decision

Hi HHJ loves I hope all is peachy so as you all know my last post I said I was gonna do jumbo twists in my hair but my edges have really not gone back to how I want them and that picture of Naomi Campbell with traction alopecia has been really haunting me. So im gonna take a break from protective styling till my edges are back to their luscious state. So I just co washed my hair and now im deep conditioning a new way that I saw Kendra from the glamtwinz334 do which she co washed her hair and then put EVOO her deep conditioner and then more EVOO to seal it all in. So I’m currently in the process of doing that and seeing as I’m 11 weeks post which is the furthest so far I’ve ever stretched I’m doing a protein deep conditioning treatment to strengthen my hair. Whooo im telling you this stretching thing ain’t no joke. I maybe get a relaxer next week or the week after im going to the salon I need a trim so hopefully too much isn’t taken off really excited to see my progress thus far and after this relaxer I will definately not be relaxing again till the week before my birthday. I will not be air drying my hair I will be roller setting and drying my hair under my hooded drier. The reason im not going to air dry is cuz it does make my ahair too thick and right now cuz im stretching I dont want anymore thickness than it already has cuz im being driven insane. P.S I’m currently deep conditioning while I’m talking to y’all need to make sure all the new growth is saturated. Feel free to ask me any questions šŸ™‚


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