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Stretching Regimen

Hey HHJ loves I hope your hair journeys are going better than mine. As you know I’m stretching I decided to not relax any time soon I’ve made up my mind and the next protective style I will be doing is havana twists with marley braids not too chunky just the right size for my lil head lol. Now I don’t really like braids I get tired of them really easily like two weeks in but I’m so envious when I see girls rocking them in JA with al kinds of accessories so I guess that’s what I’m gonna do just try to accessorize. Well so far I haven’t really been doing much to my hair as I;ve been home taking it easy so all I do is moisturize at night with my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In and seal with my coco-castor oil mixture. Umm I know i said I used the Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter but it hasn’t been working for me all that well since I pulled out my last protective style I still have it on my dresser my mommy and lil sister uses it so I guess my hair has gotten tired of it already. I’m not sure when I will be putting in my twists as I said in my last post about my protective styling take down my edges thinned out more than usual so I’m trying to get those back on the right track before I add anymore stress to them with my twists. But I’m excited to do my twists this is a summer of new adventures for me. Initially one of my summer goals was to put in a sew in but I’d have to relax my hair cuz I personally hate seeing people with human hair sew ins and jacked up edges and I would go crazy if I did that to myself. So maybe I’ll do my sew in in December and just gwaan cut and go thru with my protective styles. Not sure how long I’m gonna keep it in though maybe 2 months ha ha ha I’ve never kept a style in for that long but I’m a try my best best best and stretch as long as I can my one yr hairaversary is in November and I would like some progress when i get there. Happy HHJ everyone!


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