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Protective Style Take Down

Hello HHJ loves I hope all is going well! My exams are finally over Thank God so as promised I’m going to up date the blog more and put pics and start having categorized stuff. Ok so I finally took out my protective style it took me forver cuz I wanted to make sure I take my time and make sure I finger de tangled and didn’t lose too much hair growth. Well the progress I really don’t know is cause when my hair needs to be relaxed it curls up really really up and I can’t see the length till I relax. So I’ll post the pics soon seeing as I don’t plan to relax anytime soon. Well I basically am just gonna tell you guys what I did and then I’m giving my hair a break or two in this time I will up my co washing I wanna do a deep conditioner challenge which is deep condition every week for like 3 months which is gonna be hard because I don’t like washing my hair often I do it twice a month as you know and will probably add a co wash one of the in between weeks. But may be I will do the challenge after I relax seeing as my hair will be easier to manage then and my new growth is driving my crazy.

  • First I took down my protective style while watching videos on youtube took a million hours went to bed the next morning. As I said I took my time because the last time I did a protective style I lost a lot of hair because I was rushing and left the hair knotted and then they got matted when I washed them.
  • So after my lengthy de tangling process I separated my hair into for big sections and applied coconut oil. Ever since I got my coconut oil I always said I was gonna pre poo with it but this is my first time doing it not sure how I like it as yet will continue doing it.
  • After prepooing put on a plastic bag on my head and went to sleep.
  • Washed it the next day with my vo5 shampoo and then deep conditioned with my Cantu Shea Butter leave in for about two hours. After I rinsed it out I let my hair air dry yeah I have gone onto the air dry wagon now and my hair really dried fast Jamaica is super super hot.
  • I then let my mommy flat iron my hair this was a special occasion as my little sister graduation so proud and my hair is back to normal.
  • What I did notice is that my hair lie thinned out a little bit not quite a lot this has happened for the first time but what I’m gonna do is just apply some castor oil around my hairline and twice a day until it comes back to its lushus goodness.
  • Oh I moisturised and sealed with Beautiful textures Rapid deep conditioner cuz it doubles as a leave in and sealed with EVOO.

So that’s all I did and my hair is ok  feeling a little depressed that it might not be growing as rapidly as I want it but patients oh I will not be doing any more protective styles till my hair line comes back.


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