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Wash Day


July 31st, 2014 Posted 7:54 PM

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is going well and we are making progress in our relaxed/natural hair journies. Well today is wash day for me as you know I wash every two weeks now. So I pre pooed with Organics Hair Mayonaise for about two hours while I was watching videos on YouTube Then […]

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Big Sister Duties Part One


July 28th, 2014 Posted 10:57 PM

So this new set of blog posts under this this tag will be me taking care of my little sister Melissa’s hair she has 4a/b natural hair really fine i love her hair so much so this will be what I do to her hair and I will be tracking her progress as I do […]

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Oils: New and Old


July 27th, 2014 Posted 4:12 PM

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is going well, this post is really about oils I recently found a place in Jamaica that sells some really cheap oils both carrier and essential oils and I’m excited to go there and try some. Now my dilemma is this I wanna try so much oils I already […]

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What I’ve learnt so far!


July 25th, 2014 Posted 11:13 PM

Good Night HHJ loves I hope all is going well. I was featured again on www.blackhairinformation.com for their weekly blog round up I just love them so much and commend them as even though some people might say that they mostly focus on natural hair I really learnt a whole lot from them so big […]

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Relaxer Update


July 17th, 2014 Posted 11:14 PM

Hell HHJ loves I hope all is going well and everyone is keeping safe and praying for all the madness that has been going on in the world lately. Well I just finished relaxing my hair after 11 weeks of my last relaxer I wanted to go longer but bla I just missed my hair […]

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Co wash and decision

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July 11th, 2014 Posted 1:52 PM

Hi HHJ loves I hope all is peachy so as you all know my last post I said I was gonna do jumbo twists in my hair but my edges have really not gone back to how I want them and that picture of Naomi Campbell with traction alopecia has been really haunting me. So […]

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Stretching Regimen


July 7th, 2014 Posted 11:48 PM

Hey HHJ loves I hope your hair journeys are going better than mine. As you know I’m stretching I decided to not relax any time soon I’ve made up my mind and the next protective style I will be doing is havana twists with marley braids not too chunky just the right size for my […]

Protective Style Take Down


July 4th, 2014 Posted 10:06 AM

Hello HHJ loves I hope all is going well! My exams are finally over Thank God so as promised I’m going to up date the blog more and put pics and start having categorized stuff. Ok so I finally took out my protective style it took me forver cuz I wanted to make sure I […]

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