on my journey to healthy relaxed hair in jamaica

Itching to Relax

Hey HHJ loves I hope all is well I know I haven’t been on this thing in a minute school has been crazy. Now this is just a short little post saying I have had in my protective style that I posted  a few weeks back for about three weeks to a month now and I MISS MY HAIR I REALLY DO LIKE A LOT BUT me a cut and go thru with love in a me heart. I just did my mommy’s hair yesterday and it looks so nice and I got so envious and I really wanna do my hair. As you know I want to keep in my protective style till my birthday in October and relax then but I don’t know if I can make it. My will power with my hair is very small and limited and I do want what’s best for my hair so I’m gonna try and keep it going. My next protective style that I wanna do is sengalese twists I really love them but Jamaica is so HOT I wonder if I can get my hair to that length and not go crazy. But this was just a little up date on how my progress is going so far I am going to spend all my summer in a protective style. I am kind of tired of this one now even tho I love it but I’m gonna see how long I can last. Happy HHJ everyone and if there’s anyone out there with any encouraging words to make me not relax my hair please do share.


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