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Protective Styling Challenge



that’s the pic I found on pinterest

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My version of the style and my first pic on the blog site 🙂

Hello HHJ darlings I hope all is well I started my protective styling challenge the other day and I’m still gonna be doing my coco-castor oil challenge thingy. I did my hair yesterday in twists and cornrows from an idea I saw on pinterest but added colour and deferred the style a lil bit. I will be keeping this style in for a month or more depends on how long it takes for me to miss my hair, but I am gonna try really hard this time as I want to retain a certain amount of length for my birthday as I will not be relaxing till then. All this post is saying is that I started my challenge and prove that protective styling doesn’t have to be boring it can be done to make you a different person. Currently I have in redish looking hair Afro Kinky making my hair look all natural and stuff I really like it as it has curls at the end and it makes me feel different with redish hair. Now a few things I have learnt before from a few dabbles in protective styling. I do not wash my hair while I am in a protective style because I did it twice and the results were horrible lost a good amount of hair not enough for it to be classified as a set back but too much for someone on a HHJ. Another thing I have learnt is to not moisturize with creams and oils I made a leave in spray and even though I have it I’m going to keep the usage at a minimum and not have too much build up. I am still going to use my coco castor oil mixture but I am going to cut down on the application. One thing I have learnt though which is a very useful tip is to keep your hair refreshed and looking like it was just did you can spray some of your leave in conditioner mix (I will make a post on it soon) and do a Green House Effect Method on it overnight and when you wake in the morning your style is as good as new. Will make more posts on how my journey is going soon in the meantime happy HHJ everyone I hope this has helped someone out there.


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