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Air Drying vs. Heat Drying on Relaxed Hair

Hello HHJ lovers I hope the hair journey is going well and we are meeting our goals daily or somewhere near there well this post is about as the title says air drying v heat drying . I read a post by relaxed hair thairapy the other day and she said she preferred heat dried hair as opposed to air drying. Some of the cons of air drying hair even though there are a million benefits there are some cons if not done properly your hair will be extremely dry I have been experiencing that a lot lately. Even though it increases the thickness of your hair its really a lot to manage if you already have really thick hair. My hair has never been fine it has always been relatively thick that’s one of the main reasons my mommy relaxed my hair my natural hair is a beast. Anyways my personal experience with air drying for the two times I’ve done it my hair is really thicker than normal which I love and hate I love that my buns look fuller and messier that when I let out my hair it has volume which is the main aim of my HHJ to have volume in my hair. The con to thick hair I detangle lesser now like 2-3 times a week I used to do it every day I guess that’s good I never understood how some of my hair inspirations only detangled three times a week or once a week was mayb their hair took too much out of them to detangle lol. Another con your hair isn’t as shiny as it would be with heat dried hair and it looks really really dry and brittle I had to make my own liquid moisturiser and start using it more ad also I had to do the GHE last night my hair was just looking a mess but its back to normal now. Also I think I really like air drying but I will probably only do it when I am a lot of weeks post not when I am just like 3 weeks post to keep my hair looking all shiny and stuff. Also another thing too is my castor oil that I have been incorporating into my hair and mane as I said before my hair has gotten really thicker and I will be protective styling soon I found some on pinterest that I am going to try for my big stretch to October I will do a post soon on protective styling and like ulovemegz I do not believe that protective styles should be boring and I am tending to prefer cornrows as opposed to braids and twists as I get product build up at the root of my hair and it defeats the entire purpose of the protective styling. I am thinking about doing a sew in this summer which will be my first ever ever ever!!! Yes I am a sew in virgin the reason why I haven’t is because I really don’t understand the process and its really expensive in Jamaica to get it done looking really good and to get good hair out here. But I am going to take the plunge this summer as I have done extensive research on the process and found a way to take care of my hair underneath. I will start posting pictures more especially along my protective styling boot camp. Happy HHJ everyone comments are welcomed 🙂


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