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Airdrying #2

So this is my second post ad second try of air drying my hair. Well this time around my hair was way smoother and way less poofier and way less of everything that went wrong the last time. So ima just run you through what I may have done differently this time than the last.

  • My hair was over moisturised as I skipped my protein treatment so I prepooed with Organics Hair Mayonnaise. I know some of you might be saying aren’t you afraid of protein overload. Umm as stated before in my hair regimen post I use a lot of moisture in my hair a lot so I pre poo with a light protein over night I would never ever ever over night pre poo with a heavy protein like Aphogee or Creme of Nature Intensive Conditioner I did that once and mane!!!! Was hell to get my hair back. So I prepoooed divided my hair in four sections put on my shower cap and put my satin bonet over it and went to bed.
  • Woke up and washed out my hair mayonnaise shampooed twice with my Vo5 shampoo the volumizing one and then I deep conditioned with my Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner wrapped up my hair in saran wran put my shower cap over my head and sat for sometime about 2 hrs watching tv and reading.
  • I deatangled and then washed out my hair and toweled dry to remove the excess water then began to air dry.
  • So what I did differently from the last time was I air dried then I blow dried to finally dry my hair and it created so much frizz which I hated so what I did this time was let it air dry straight and then after it was a lil damp not too much I de tangled and sealed with my Cantu Shea Butter and coco and castor oil and my hair is perfect so this is the method i will be using from now on. So I am officially on that air dry train I will probably only go back to drying under a hooded dryer only when I relax my hair in October.

I hope this helped someone feel free to comment and I will try and help as best as possible if I can’t I will google and get back to you happy HHJ:)



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