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Acrylics and our HHJ


Goodnight loves this post is about something that is currently happening to me. I am a girl that loves to have my nails done I have the best nail technician in the world that is probably the only thing I don’t do for myself. Seeing as I bite my nails and can never get them grown long enough so I can just put nail polish on them and I really don’t like stubby nails I mean if that’s you then do you boo boo but it ain’t for this girl. So what I do is I put on the fake nails ad then acrylic goes on to it nail polish and the works. So my nails grow really fast when its done up our nails are like our hair when its done in a protective style like putting on acrylic nails it grows really fast. But when it grows out then you have the space between your nail tip and the acrylic nails and when that happens and you take too long to refill your nails your hair can get caught under that fake nail that’s growing. This is really really bad for you HHJ as your hair gets caught under the fake nails and tears out unnecessary strands of your hair that really isn’t good for your hair. So if you’re like me that does your nails twice a month or three times the most then I have created a few tips of how to minimize any damage between your well done nails and your HHJ

  • Make sure if your nails are grown out you put something over your hands when you’re planning on manipulating your hair for example like a glove or something I don’t know what else you could use to cover your hands I use gloves.
  • Ask for help I do that I ask my mom to help me out in case my hair gets caught in my nails as she can see way better than I can back there.
  • BE GENTLE!!!!! more than the norm to ensure that when you’re finger combing your hair it doesn’t get caught in your hair.
  • And last but certainly not least try to ensure that you do not tug or pull out your hair your hair strands will pull out sometimes it will be more than one strands


hope this helped:)


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