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Update on Coco Castor Oil Challenge

Howdy HHJ lovers I hope all is going well it’s a beautiful day isn’t it. Well just giving you guys a lil update on my challenge I will post pictures soon I’m a little busy with school but so far I’ve been doing it a little before my last post and mane!!!!! My hair has gotten so thick the last time I relaxed was when I posted my relaxer update a little over 2 or 3 weeks and I have so much new growth wondering if I will be able to stretch until my birthday that’s gonna be my birthday present to myself. I have been bunning a little bit I am so in love with the new length a little more than usual and overall health of my hair I have been wearing it down more than usual so I can enjoy it but I will soon start doing my protective styling when I get nearer to my final exam and have to be studying all the time. I recently looked into making my own liquid leave in conditioner I found this coconut one but I will make a post on that soon. Will get this blog up and running like everyone else so just bear with me a little bit. Have a beautiful day 🙂


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