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Air Drying

So the other day as you know I wash my hair every two (2) weeks I said during my big stretch to my birthday in October I am gonna start washing my hair 3 times a month and include one co wash when my hair needs that little extra boost of moisture. So I’ve been using my Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter as my daily moisturiser i dont know about it as yet my hair stays moisturised may be a little too heavy for my hair so I may be still on the hunt for a moisturiser I really don’t like ORS Moisture Lotion it did the job but I really don’t like how it made my hair feel so still on the hunt. Sorry for the rambling well I air dried my hair for the first time the last time I washed so let me detail what i did.

  • First I clarified my hair was just feeling a little bit heavy maybe becuz I havent really worked out my personal coconut and castor oil challenge as yet. So I always clarify with baking soda and hot water I’ll do a post about all the home-made things i use in my hair when i get time.
  • After I clarified you could literally see all the product build up in the sink, I added my Cantu Shea Butter Leave in Conditioner wrapped my hair with Saran wrap, put on my shower cap and put my satin bonet over it and sat for two hours as I was watching tv and didn’t want to get up.
  • So after rinsing out my conditioner I said ok lets air dry. My hair dried pretty quickly though surprisingly and  blow dried a little after becz my roots take forever to dry.

Well I kinda like the air drying think i will incorporate it into my regular regimen I haven’t worked out the kinks as yet though I didn’t like the curly feeling I had and I’m two weeks post you should see my new growth. I had to flat iron my hair on Monday just so I could manage it so now i cross wrap it after I moisturise and seal. I’m going to be sealing with EVOO for awhile and just use my coco-castor oil blend on my scalp to give my hair a light feel.

Thanks for reading happy hhj everyone!

P.S> when I get done with school the blog will be more exciting and filled with pictures and other stuff 😀


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