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Coconut Oil and Castor Oil Hair Challenge

Hello!!! HHJ people I hope all is going well my exams have finished *does happy dance* so hopefully November I’ll be graduating with my LLB a good one in November and will be in law school by then. So my hair has grown since I started my HHJ about November its a little past neck length. This is a post about a challenge I decided to do as the post says. I recently bought coconut oil. So my first impression of it was that it really holds in the moisture I no longer have to moisturise my every day I only moisturise my hair every other day which I love, but i had a about 2 ounces of JBCO in my applicator bottle so I just added it to that. So this is the challenge I’m gonna apply my combination of castor oil and coconut oil to my scalp 3 times a week and then do a GHE on my hair for about an hour to help in soak in. Now I live in Jamaica it is extremely hot here and I haven’t done a GHE since December I really liked it and normally did it over night now I’m just gonna do it for an hour in the day where its a little cooler.


  • Apply oils to hair 3 times a week or more if you want to
  • Do a GHE immediately after applying the oils for an hour or more depending on what you want to do
  • I’m gonna do it for 3 months (I’m doing a relaxer stretch until my birthday Oct 2 whoot whoot or for as long my patience last.

I contribute most of my hair growth and health to stretching and plan on continuing until I reach my hair goal! So good luck hope you will join me 🙂


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85 Responses to “Coconut Oil and Castor Oil Hair Challenge”

  1. Missy L
    10:50 AM on May 25th, 2014      Reply

    Hello what does GHE stand for in this regimen ?

    • mrztoyas
      7:50 PM on May 27th, 2014      Reply

      Hello sorry for the late reply it stands for Green House Effect I will do a post on it pretty soon 🙂

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