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Relaxer Day

So I broke my ten week stretch yesterday and I relaxed my hair only because I’m going to a party tomorrow. So this is what I do when I relax my hair. First i base my scalp and ears and around my hair line with Blue Magic Organics Indian Hemp hair oil slather it on really good. Then my mommy (yes my mommy does my hair) uses Profectiv Mega Growth No lye Relaxer Kit I loooovvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this relaxer and from the day I found it I haven’t looked back since. I let it sit one my hair for about 20 mins the most. Rinse with my neutralizing shampoo then yesterday was the first I did my black tea rinse after my relaxer nothing bad happened so i will continue. So after I spray my black tea on my hair I add my Cantu Shea Butter Leave In Conditioner and wrap my hair in Saran wrap and put on my shower cap over it and my Satin Bonnet and I watched the Incredibles for about 45 mins. Washed out my deep conditioner and added my Creme of Nature Thermal Liquid thing (need to tell yall the right name) added my Beautiful Textures Deep Conditioner as a leave in and seal with my coconut oil. I just added coconut oil to my regimen. I then roller set my hair and then moisturized and sealed as usual and my hair progress is going on well not a fan of pictures but will upload soon I will try to find before and after pictures. Have a beautiful hair day!


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