on my journey to healthy relaxed hair in jamaica

Current hair care regimen

I’m currently 10 weeks post relaxed and I have my hair in two (2) big inside kanerows I’m doing a mini protective style challenge. I’ve been in protective styles since about the 7 of March till now and of course I take down and wash my hair.

Regimen outside of Protective Styling  

  • Pre poo (overnight) with a light protein treatment. The reason for this is recently I have been using a lot of moisture in my hair and this is how I get my moisture protein balance it has been really working since I started doing it. Word of Caution don’t use a hard protein like Argan Oil Intensive Treatment had to learn that the hard way left my hair really hard. So now I use a really light protein to medium depending on my hair’s moisture level.
  • I wash my hair every 2 weeks for two reasons one I’m super busy with school so I normally wash my hair when most of my work is done and I feel a lil bit overwhelmed but every two weeks for sure. The shampoo I use is one of the V05s I love them that much I haven’t really gotten around to trying a sulfrate free shampoo it’s on my to do list though.
  • I just recently started using black tea rinses in my hair because I saw some of my youtube inspirations try it so I did. I love it really really really cuts down on my shedding immensely so I have added it into my wash days. After saturating my hair in the black tea I then cover my hair in my deep conditioner which is Beautiful Textures Deep Conditioner (I loooovvvvveeeeeee this conditioner will do a review on this very soon) and I leave it on my hair for about 45- 90 mins. I wrap my hair with saran wrap first and put my shower cap over it and then walk around in my house and let the deep conditioner do its job.
  • After rinsing out the tea and the deep conditioner I apply my Creme of Nature Thermal Activator (not sure of the name) apply my Cantu Shea Butter leave in and then my Extra Virgin Olive Oil and I roller set and sit under my hooded dryer and I’m done.
  • I oil my scalp with JBCO and have a good hair day
  • I have never air dried my hair I wanted to try it its on my to do list but I’m not a fan of it.
  • On a daily basis I moisturize and seal my hair with Beautiful Textures Moisture Butter and seal with either Jojoba Oil or Olive oil. Either put my hair in two plats or wrap my hair up and cover with my satin bonet.



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